Happy Holidays!

Sunstein celebrates the gift of creativity with this season’s featured artist, Duken Delpe

Warmest Wishes for the New Year

Intellectual property celebrates the gift of creativity all year round at Sunstein.

This holiday season we are delighted to introduce you to our 2022 featured artist, Duken Delpe. Like many of the members of our team, Delpe is passionate about understanding technology which is reflected in his work.

We have created a "behind-the-scenes" holiday video to share Delpe's inspiring approach, and show you how he connects his experience as a nurse and engineer to art.

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Delpe paints his intrigues, dreams, fears, frustrations & joys

Born in Haiti under the regime of Jean Claude Duvalier, Delpe is the youngest of five children and was raised by a strong and creative Haitian woman.

As a child, he watched artisans in his community while passing them on his way to the market, and witnessed the endless possibilities of fine art.

Delpe's mother was the first to impress on him the idea that "art is infinite" and inspired him to pursue his dreams.

Delpe began exploring his passion for art at age ten, but it wasn't until that he was an adult that he started his first painting after an artist friend said “Why don’t you start your own painting? You are wasting your talent and your gift if you don’t.”

Since then, Delpe has painted his intrigues, dreams, fears, frustrations and joys.

Over the last 15 years, Delpe's artworks have been based on contemporary conversations around global issues - such as the environmental crisis, society's reliance on digital media, and the Opioid crisis.

Delpe does not confine himself to one style, and his body of work consists of paintings, sculptures, collages and installation art.

The way you see, the way you speak, the way you smell helps us connect with the planet. I always try to see a universal art, an artwork that is for everyone because we have a planet that is for all of us.

Duken Delpe December 2022
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Duken Delpe

It has been at least twenty-four years since Delpe completed his first painting and dreamed about becoming a self-made professional artist.

Trained as a chemical engineer and nurse, Delpe is inspired by the real-world relationships and conversations that he engages in every day.

Conversations are not static, they are evolving. — Duken Delpe

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The Boston Bar Association featured our holiday cards in its publication, "An Expression of Who We Are: Sunstein Raises Holiday Cards to an Art Form."

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Designer: Karen Stein, goodgood

Videographer: Danni Hoshino / Casey Preston, White Birch Media

Curator: Andrea Marquit Fine Art & Design

Producer: Kati Ferrante, Sunstein

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