Intellectual Property Celebrates the Gift of Creativity

Art @ Sunstein

In our new series, Art @ Sunstein we will send you on a tour of our office to view some of the unique pieces that we have collected over the past 40 years to celebrate local Boston artists.

Art @ Sunstein

Nathalie Holiday Promo VIDEO

Click here to learn how Nathalie Miebach translates scientific data related to meteorology, ecology and oceanography into woven sculptures and musical scores—exploring the intersection of art and science.

DD Holiday VIDEO

Click here to learn about Duken Delpe, his inspiring approach, and how he connects his experience as a nurse and engineer to art, expressing his passion about understanding technology.

Video Screenshot

Click here to learn how Christine Vaillancourt is connecting to her family's past, and giving back to Boston through her collaboration with the MBTA.

John Guthrie Video

Watch John Guthrie’s painting process in the video above or click here to learn how he incorporates a combination of strategy, innovation and creativity to each of his pieces.

Visual divider

For the past 25+ years, our firm supports local artists by featuring their art in originally designed holiday cards. The Boston Bar Association featured our cards in its publication, "An Expression of Who We Are: Sunstein Raises Holiday Cards to an Art Form."

Art @ Sunstein

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