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  1. Federal Circuit Upends Obviousness Test for Design Patents, Leaving Uncertainty and Potential Opportunity

  2. Coping With the FTC Ban on Non-Competition Agreements

  3. The Kessler Doctrine: An Expanded Form of Preclusion Unique to Patent Litigation

  4. Sage Therapeutics Prevails in USPTO: Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Opposition to SAGEFORTH Mark

  5. Tacking in Trademark Law: Even Big Brands Sometimes Miss the Mark

  6. USPTO Proposes New Rules on Terminal Disclaimers: A Potential Setback for Patentees

  7. Supreme Court Rules that Copyright Infringement Claims Can Cover Decades of Damages

  8. What’s in a Voice: How the Law is Being Used to Combat Deepfakes

  9. The Overlooked Claim of The New York Times v. OpenAI: Harm to Copyright Management Information

  10. Trial Court Ruling Threatens Patent Portfolio Development
  11. AI in the Patent Landscape: USPTO Directive Explores Inventorship Dynamics

  12. Is the Corporate Transparency Act Unconstitutional? Does it Matter?

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  • Flowchart for determining when U.S. Copyrights in fixed works expire View flowchart
  • Inter Partes Review flowchart charting key dates and milestones View flowchart

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