Technological Advantage

Our technology improves client service and efficiency


Passionate about technology

Our use of technology is deeply embedded in the firm’s culture. As a boutique firm, we have the ability to focus all of our technology investment and innovation on making our IP practice more efficient and improving our attorneys' ability to serve our clients. Our pioneering approach to successfully integrating technology has been featured at legal technology conferences. In addition to implementing tools from leading technology vendors, Sunstein developed our own suite of proprietary applications to help our practitioners.

At the forefront of automated case management

Sunstein is at the forefront of using automated workflow technology to increase attorney efficiency, mitigate risk, and improve client service. Our proprietary workflow system is used to manage the entire lifecycle of the patent and trademark prosecution processes. This system captures incoming e-mail, outgoing e-mail, paper and faxes and then routes them through a workflow process which ensures that items get properly filed, docketed in the firm’s IP docket, and sent to the appropriate attorney so that they can take action.

This system, which manages thousands of incoming items, allows our attorneys to stay organized and accomplish tasks in a timely manner. Attorneys have full visibility into the process and can be assured that they have all of the relevant information they need to address the task at hand.

Paperless since 2009 - allowing for 24/7 access

At Sunstein every client’s file is electronic, as it has been for a decade. That means every e-mail, every office action and every draft document is immediately available to our attorneys 24/7 wherever they may be. As a pioneer of the electronic file, Sunstein has consistently worked to make building and maintaining the electronic file more efficient and cost effective.

Clients benefit

Our technology reduces the time it takes to electronically file e-mail messages by 75%. And all client and case information is easily available via a simple, customized search algorithm, so attorneys don’t need to spend time searching in different repositories for the data they need or put a client on hold to retrieve important information – it’s at their fingertips.

Automation like this makes everyone at the firm more efficient and enables our attorneys to focus on meeting client needs. Additionally, information that clients need is easily available to them through the firm's online Client Portal.

Our Technology Thinking

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