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Sunstein celebrates the gift of creativity with this season’s featured artist, Nathalie Miebach

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Intellectual property celebrates the gift of creativity all year round at Sunstein.

This holiday season we are delighted to introduce you to our 2023 featured artist, Nathalie Miebach. Nathalie translates scientific data related to meteorology, ecology and oceanography into woven sculptures and musical scores—exploring the intersection of art and science.

In this year's holiday video, we present Nathalie's story, showcasing her unique method of transforming data into sculptures, allowing us to gain a deeper insight into climate change and our connection to it.

Watch the video:

Nathalie Holiday Promo VIDEO
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Weather Score

The Weather Score Project — Translating Weather Data into Sound and Sculptures

Nathalie sees her work not as static creations, but as dynamic dialogues. Her sculptures serve as visual interpretations of scientific data, a transformation that extends beyond the visual realm.

She goes further by translating these sculptures into musical scores, integrating elements such as temperatures and wind speeds associated with storms and climate data.

The Weather Score Project started in 2009. Originally, the sculptures served as the score, yet Nathalie discovered the value of transforming these interpretations into 2-dimensional form. Her scores are then translated into live musical performances by composers Nathalie collaborates with.

These partnerships aim to capture nuanced emotions and depths inherent in Nathalie's research, emotions that might be challenging to convey solely through her sculptures. The collaborations unveil patterns and narratives within the data that musicians uncover. The Weather Score project has led to 12 new commissions by 10 emerging composers and over 13 concerts. Watch the video to learn more about the Weather Score Project.

The sculptures that I make are my attempt at trying to understand how climate change is changing our planet, and how we as a species are responding to it.

Nathalie Miebach December 2023
Art Art Museum Install 1576

Nathalie Miebach

Nathalie's main method of data translation is that of basket weaving, which functions as a simple, tactile grid through which to interpret data into 3D space. Central to this work is her desire to explore the role visual and musical aesthetics play in the translation and understanding of complex scientific systems, such as weather and climate change. Her work takes on heightened significance in our world today as we see the effects of climate change. Indeed, her creations illuminate the beauty and urgency of our connection to the changing world around us.

She exhibits nationally and internationally, including a solo exhibit the ICA San Diego from Sep 21 2024 through Jan 9, 2025.

Contact Nathalie

Ianand Nicole Gallery

Art @ Sunstein

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Designer: Karen Stein, goodgood

Videographer: Casey Preston, White Birch Media

Curator: Andrea Marquit Fine Art & Design

Producer: Kati Ferrante, Sunstein

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