Raïna S. Jacques

Raïna S. Jacques


New England Law | Boston


Bates College


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  • New England Law | Boston


  • Bates College



Raïna S. Jacques is an associate in the trademark litigation group.

As a former prosecutor of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office, Raïna has a broad range of trial and litigation experience at the Dorchester Division of the Boston Municipal Court.

Prior to joining Sunstein, Raïna worked at a law firm in Boston handling cases surrounding complex civil litigation, general liability and toxic tort law. She has experience in all phases of litigation, including discovery, depositions, dispositive and pretrial motions and trial preparations. Raïna is results-oriented and provides clients with superior customer service.

Raïna is an active member of the Black Entertainment Sports and Lawyers Association and enjoys showcasing emerging creatives and brands in the Boston area, as well as the Women’s Bar Association and the Boston Bar Association.

Outside of the office, Raina frequently volunteers in her community and served as a liaison with “Fathers Uplift,” a non-profit that provides counseling and resources to assist fathers overcoming the unfortunate barriers of emotional and racial trauma.

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