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Back to Sunstein News "IP Boutique Hosts 'Difficult' Talks On Bias In Law Firms" featured Sunstein’s "Practicum" course, in partnership with New England Law | Boston, in a Q&A with Managing Partner Kerry L. Timbers and Litigation Practice Chair Lisa M. Tittemore.

Through this innovative program, underrepresented law school students have an opportunity to earn credits while also learning a crucial skill they may not ascertain from traditional law school courses: how to confidently bring their “authentic self” to the workplace.

During the Q&A, “In Semester-Long Program, Boston IP Boutique Hosts 'Difficult' Talks On Bias In Law Firms,” Timbers and Tittemore discuss practicum criteria, and the evolution of law firm culture that has provided space for “difficult discussions about implicit bias and the role clients play in pushing the discussions forward.”

"In order to do a good job of connecting with people in general, you need to share something about yourself. You need to decide what to share and how vulnerable to be and how to really be yourself, your authentic self, while still navigating all of the issues that bias injects into every interaction that we have," said Timbers.

Tittemore added, "A lot of these concepts, like bringing your authentic self and microaggressions, those have all been talked about in other communities for decades ... But this is finally getting to the business community and a law firm, corporate-kind of setting to bring these issues to the front."

Read the full Q&A, here.

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