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MetaVR introduces a new fixed-wing Part Task Mission Trainer (PTMT), designed and built under an internal development program.

The mixed reality simulator has been designed to provide a low-cost, quick-deploy training solution for military fixed-wing pilots. Using representative aircraft hardware, the PTMT can be configured for training for current 3rd and 4th generation combat aircraft used by a variety of nations thanks to a unique, patent pending design that allows the user to change from side-stick to center-stick flight controls. Sunstein LLP, MetaVR’s intellectual property law firm, has guided the patent application for this new capability.

According to MetaVR President, Garth Smith, the cockpit shell design was adopted by the company in order to aid the suspension of disbelief for the trainee pilot.

“Pilots are increasingly being trained on simulators that use virtual reality headsets to create the entire training environment, but these systems do not have great utility for training that is focused on mission tactics and coordination in a networked environment,” Smith said. “So we worked closely with our customer to create a realistic, physical environment that approximates the real aircraft experience.

“Within the aircraft shell - which comprises a subset of the fuselage from the nose of the aircraft to just behind the cockpit seat – we included a dynamically, relocatable flight control joystick that can be easily reconfigured (without the need for disassembly/reassembly) to support training on 3rd and 4th generation jet aircraft currently in use with NATO air forces.”

MetaVR will be releasing additional details on the PTMT, including the first customer for the system, in the coming weeks. You can follow the company on Linked In MetaVR to keep up-to-date with this exciting program.

MetaVR has changed its name to MVRsimulation to align more closely with its growing suite of simulation products. The name change includes a new corporate logo and company website:

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