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Your trade secrets drive your competitive advantage. They are at the heart of your business.

In the past year, only one firm, Sunstein, has tried to verdict multiple cases in the District of Massachusetts for trade secret owners reclaiming their confidential information from competitors’ thefts. Sunstein achieved overwhelming victories obtaining injunctions and significant damages for our clients under both federal and state law rights.

Our experienced litigation team provides advice and counseling on all aspects of trade secret misappropriation - from prevention through any needed litigation. We partner with our clients to build trade secret programs that maximize protection from loss and any outright theft.

We have developed a comprehensive and actionable "checklist" based on decades of collective experience and success handling important trade secret matters for our clients. Put the Checklist for Protecting Trade Secrets to use today to determine the status of your trade secret program, and please reach out if you have any questions. We are here to help!

When former employees and competitors attempt to circumvent protections, we have unparalleled success in recovering the information and holding the offenders fully accountable.

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Trade Secret Litigation Results

KPM Analytics North America Corp. v. Blue Sun Scientific LLC et al.

United States District Court of Massachusetts

Following a rigorous two week trial concerning theft of trade secrets owned by KPM Analytics, a supplier of near-infrared analyzers used for spectrographic analysis, a federal jury found in favor of KPM, finding its competitor guilty of trade secret misappropriation, unfair and deceptive trade practices, and contract breaches. The jury initially awarded $3.4 million in damages, and those damages were later enhanced by the court to $6.7 million.

In KPM Analytics North America Corp. v. Blue Sun Scientific LLC et al., KPM sued Blue Sun Scientific LLC and its parent company, The Innovative Technologies Group & Co., in April 2021 for poaching key personnel, customer data and proprietary software. In August 2021, the United States District Court entered a preliminary injunction against both companies and four of KPM’s former employees now working at Blue Sun.

The jury found that Blue Sun unlawfully used KPM trade secret information and that it and the four former KPM employees stole trade secrets and violated non-disclosure agreements and good faith covenants. The four former employees and both companies were ordered to pay separate damages based on the severity of their wrongdoing.


Trade Secret Victory

Benchmark Technologies, Inc. v. Yuqiang (Richard) Tu and Kifonix Technology, LLC.

United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts

The U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts ruled in firm client Benchmark Technologies’ favor and denied defendants’ motion seeking to overturn the favorable jury verdict and final judgment in Benchmark Technologies, Inc. v. Yuqiang (Richard) Tu and Kifonix Technology, LLC. The Court’s order affirmed an earlier judgement after a 5-jury trial in January 2023, that Benchmark's claims, including trade secret and unfair competition claims.

Benchmark, an international supplier of test reticles, photomasks, and related services for lithography systems, filed suit in February 2022, after its former senior applications engineer resigned to form a competing business and, among other misconduct, misappropriated five categories of trade secrets — valuable Benchmark intellectual property that gives the company a distinct competitive advantage in the market.

With quick action, Sunstein was able to swiftly shut down the defendants’ illegal activity on Benchmark’s behalf with a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction, protecting vital portions of Benchmark’s business from irreparable harm.


Trade Secret Victory

Immersive Display Solutions, Inc., Strafe Services et al. adv. Fidelity Technologies Corporation et al.

United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Representing the defendants, Sunstein defeated a hard fought motion for preliminary injunction brought by a rival technology company seeking to shut down our clients’ ability to work on a military training equipment project. Fidelity Technologies Corporation and Fidelity Technologies Middle East LLC filed the suit in January 2016 in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, asserting theft of trade secrets, civil conspiracy, unjust enrichment, and unfair competition. Through swift action and marshalling of detailed information -- and after an extensive evidentiary hearing in Allentown, PA -- the Sunstein team defeated Fidelity’s motion for a preliminary injunction in just over a month after the complaint was filed.


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