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24th Annual MCLE Intellectual Property Law Conference 2021

Trends and developments IP counsel, business lawyers and litigators must know

Join partner, Timothy M. Murphy who will be co-chairing the MCLE's 24th Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference on May 13. Tim will be joined by fellow Sunstein partners, Kerry L. Timbers and Sharona H. Sternberg, who will present on "IP in the Courts: The Latest in IP Litigation."

Additional IP law issues will include:

  • Get insights from the Chief IP Counsel of a life sciences company about building and managing an IP portfolio.
  • Learn about the interplay between USPTO proceedings and district court litigation, and other strategic considerations in IP litigation.
  • Hear about strategies for protecting valuable brands.
  • Learn best practices for managing a trademark portfolio.
  • Learn how to structure content-licensing and merchandising agreements, and about the copyright and trademark issues involved.
  • Learn about the key issues concerning privacy and data protection that are likely to impact your clients in the coming year.

Learn more, and register here.

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