Semiconductor & Microelectronics

Semiconductor & Microelectronics

Sunstein LLP is at the forefront of a variety of technologies and industries, and recent events, such as the pandemic and the resulting supply chain shortages, highlight the need for more U.S.-led innovation and manufacturing within the semiconductor and microelectronics ecosystem.

Lead by Partners Shane Hunter and T.J. Clark, our team has impressive technical backgrounds and understand what our clients are facing including new government incentives such as the CHIPS and Science Act. Because of this, we are able to help clients grow and leverage their IP portfolios during this exciting renewal of domestic innovation within the semiconductor and microelectronics industries.

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It will take continued, massive investment to achieve the stated goals of the semiconductor industry. The intellectual property behind these investments will become all that more valuable and enabling. This urgency will drive a significant growth in IP-related activities for the next decade.

Chris Kramer Principal, Cutwater Consulting LLC
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