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  1. Settlement Agreements Can Provide a Yardstick for Measuring Damages in Subsequent Patent Infringement Lawsuits
  2. Supreme Court Rejects Inducement Liability Where There’s No Direct Infringer
  3. America Invents Act Delivers: Quick Administrative Decision On Patent Challenge Brings Hope to Accused Infringers
  4. Litigator’s Perspective: Judicial About-Face Has Just Made Joint Infringement Easier to Prove
  5. Litigator’s Perspective: Appellate Judge Stoops to Try a Smartphone Case and Turns Patent Litigation on Its Ear
  6. Federal Circuit Thumps Means-Plus-Function Computer Claims Again — But Not Without Dissent
  7. Federal Circuit Strikes Hard Against the “Plague” of the Inequitable Conduct Defense
  8. Federal Circuit Strikes Hard Against the “Plague” of the Inequitable Conduct Defense
  9. One Hand Taketh Away, the Other Giveth: For Method Claims, It’s Tough to Prove Joint Infringement, But for System Claims, It’s Easier
  10. Joint Patent Infringement Is Now Even Harder to Prove
  11. Software Makers, Take Note: Court Defines “Circumvention” Downward
  12. The ‘Artistic Relevance Test’ Just Became Relevant: The Increasing Strength of the First Amendment as a Defense to Trademark Infringement and Dilution

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