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  1. Trademark Infringement Remedies Just Got Snappier? United States Supreme Court Says Proving Willfulness Is Not Required For Recovering an Infringer’s Profits
  2. New Local Rule May Speed Up Patent Cases and Attract More Litigation to Massachusetts
  3. The Name Game: The USPTO and FDA approval process for the selection and protection of new drug names.
  4. The USPTO and FDA Drug Name Approval Process
  5. Trademark Rights in a Global Economy
  6. Hot Topics in Trademark Law: Trademark Rights in A Global Economy – Protection and Enforcement of Well-Known and Famous Marks
  7. Trademark Rights in a Global Economy: Protection and Enforcement of Famous and Well-Known Marks
  8. Sentences of Pirate Bay Founders Are Confirmed, But They May Avoid the Brig
  9. Intellectual Property Overview
  10. With Supreme Court Deadlock, Cloud Lingers Over Gray Market Goods
  11. Copyright Decision Deals Crippling Blow to Infringer: Decorative Furniture Not Merely Functional
  12. Museum Conflict Clarifies Rights of Artists

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