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  1. Federal Circuit Asks Congress to Override Supreme Court's Denial of Patents for Diagnostics
  2. Bipartisan Legislation Develops to Remove Supreme Court Roadblocks to Biotechnology and Computer Science Patents
  3. PTO Director Iancu Launches Bold Initiative to Resolve Uncertainty in Patent Eligibility Determinations
  4. New Guidelines Proposed for Functional Claiming in Computer-Related Inventions
  5. The Federal Circuit Refines the Post-Alice Landscape, Holding Spreadsheet Tabs Patent-Eligible
  6. Lessons for BioPharma from Recent Federal Circuit Decisions on Patent Eligibility
  7. The Federal Circuit Continues to Uphold Some Software Patents Despite Alice
  8. Three New Federal Circuit Decisions Support Software Patents
  9. Federal Circuit Is Finding More Inventions Patent-Eligible Despite Supreme Court’s Rigid Standard
  10. The Federal Circuit Limits the Scope of Covered Business Method Proceedings
  11. Why China Should Top Your List of Countries for Foreign Patent Filing
  12. The Federal Circuit Helps Software Developers Overcome Patent-Eligibility Rejections under Alice

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