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  1. Virus-Related Legislation Extends Patent and Trademark Deadlines
  2. Big Changes to Canada’s Trademark Laws
  3. Study Demonstrates Positive Economic Impact of Trademark Filing
  4. A Joke So Funny Louis Vuitton Forgot to Laugh – The Danger of Suing Over a Parody
  5. Patent Owners Beware: Preliminary Response in Inter Partes Review Takes On New Significance
  6. Goodbye OHIM, Hello EUIPO− −Changes to Trademark Law in Europe
  7. Issues Resolved in an Administrative Trademark Proceeding May Bind Federal Courts in Subsequent Infringement Actions
  8. Briefings from the Trademark Universe
  9. Trademark Falsely Suggesting Connection to a Native American People is Denied Registration
  10. Don’t Do It Unless You Mean It — Voluntary Surrender of a Trademark Registration is Irreversible
  11. YourTrademark.Anything – Trademark Protection in the Age of the Limitless Internet
  12. A Covenant Not to Sue Can Disable a Competitor’s Trademark Cancellation Action–But at What Cost?

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