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  1. Uncertainty Clouds Attys' Strategies For Pursuing IP In Russia
  2. Client Alert: Intellectual Property in Russia
  3. New Restrictions on Exports to Russia: US Technology Embedded in Products Made Overseas
  4. The EU’s New Privacy Rules: The Promise and Peril for US Data Processors
  5. The European Commission Publishes Comprehensive Contractual Clauses For Use in Data Transfers from Europe

  6. Privacy in the Cellphone Era: The Supreme Court Opens the Door to Automated Text Messages

  7. The Supreme Court Ponders These Questions in Google v. Oracle: Is the Sky Falling? Is JAVA like the QWERTY Keyboard?
  8. The Department of Justice Takes on the IEEE
  9. When a State University is a Reluctant Plaintiff, Can Its Licensee Sue Anyway?
  10. No License, No Chips: Qualcomm’s Controversial Licensing Strategy Is Not an Antitrust Violation
  11. Back to Work: The Use of Contact Tracing Technology to Improve Worker Safety
  12. Does the Defense Production Act Provide a Safe Harbor Against Infringement Claims?

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  • Flowchart for determining when U.S. Copyrights in fixed works expire View flowchart
  • Inter Partes Review flowchart charting key dates and milestones View flowchart

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