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  1. California Leads the Nation in Privacy Protection, But To Where?
  2. FTC Unfriends Facebook But Wants to Stay in Touch
  3. Twenty Years Under the Microscope: A Small Business, a Data Breach and the FTC
  4. The California Consumer Privacy Act: More Relevant Than You Think
  5. Europe’s One-Stop Shop for Privacy Regulation: For EU Companies Only?
  6. Digital Resale: Where New Technology Stumbles Over Old Law
  7. Non-Competition Agreements: Massachusetts Meets California Halfway
  8. So You Thought the GDPR Was Fun? Wait Till you See What California Has In Store
  9. Copying Complex APIs is Not Fair Use: The Federal Circuit Turns the Software World on its Ear
  10. Law Enforcement in the Cloud; The U.S. Storms in and Europe Follows
  11. Cox Communications Makes Its Mark as the First Major Cable Provider To Lose its DMCA Immunity from Copyright Infringement
  12. The New Tax Bill and Its Effect on Inventors: A Capital Result

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