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What Can I Say: Leeway and Legal Limits in Commercial Speech A Primer on Defamation, Commercial Disparagement and False Advertising

This volume, co-written with Julia Huston, provides a national overview of the law governing business communications. It summarizes representative cases from many states pertaining to defamation, commercial disparagement and false advertising. The publication sets forth the elements of proof for these causes of action, and reviews the damages, and defenses, available for each one.

The authors suggest ways to reduce the risk of liability in business communications, advertising, and marketing. Risk management procedures, a checklist for compliance training, and a sample complaint, answer and jury instructions are also provided.

You can view the publication from this link, or contact the firm for a complementary copy.

This material has been prepared by the authors for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. Consult with an attorney for legal advice pertinent to your circumstances before relying on any information contained in this volume or obtained from any other source.

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