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  1. Restricting Keyword Advertising Can be Anticompetitive, holds the FTC
  2. Digital Resale: Where New Technology Stumbles Over Old Law
  3. The Federal Circuit Refines the Post-Alice Landscape, Holding Spreadsheet Tabs Patent-Eligible
  4. PTO Director Iancu Launches Bold Initiative to Resolve Uncertainty in Patent Eligibility Determinations
  5. Congress Freshens Up Music Copyright Law for the Digital Age
  6. Revisions to Bayh-Dole Act Regulations Governing Rights to Federally Funded Inventions
  7. Massachusetts Trade Secret Protections Are About to Resemble Everyone Else’s. That Brings Changes that Businesses Should Know About.
  8. Non-Competition Agreements: Massachusetts Meets California Halfway
  9. Section 101 Gains a Toehold in IPRs
  10. Study Demonstrates Positive Economic Impact of Trademark Filing
  11. New Guidance for Patenting Method-of-Treatment Inventions
  12. In Limited Circumstances, the Supreme Court Permits Businesses to Recover Patent Damages for Sales Made Outside the U.S.

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