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  1. AI Machine is Denied Patent
  2. Back to Work: The Use of Contact Tracing Technology to Improve Worker Safety
  3. Federal Circuit Averts Huge Disruption to the Patent System by Fashioning a Cure to the Status of Administrative Judges
  4. Facial Recognition: A Clear View to Dystopia
  5. Court’s Strict Interpretation of Timing Requirement May Force Patent Validity Challenges in Two Forums
  6. Virus-Related Legislation Extends Patent and Trademark Deadlines
  7. Upgrade of Appeal Board Decisions Sought to Help Patent Medical Innovations
  8. Does the Defense Production Act Provide a Safe Harbor Against Infringement Claims?
  9. Fresh is Best and Stale Will Fail: The PTAB Explains Its Logic in Refusing to Institute an IPR
  10. Supreme Court Allows States to Plunder Copyrighted Videos
  11. Federal Circuit Astonishingly Invalidates Manufacturing Method Patent under Section 101
  12. U.S. Navy is no [Software] Pirate Despite Making 430,000 Extra Copies

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