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  1. On-Sale Bar Clarified for Drugmaker
  2. May Sellers of Patented Products Retain Rights after a Sale?
  3. The Inventor’s Burden: Teach Your Best Mode Lest Your Patent be Invalidated
  4. Navigating the Shoals of Copyright Termination
  5. Court Raises the Heat on Patentee Who Persisted with Baseless Infringement Suit
  6. The Importance of Distinguishing a Product From an Invention
  7. Supreme Court Affirms Precedence of Inventor’s Personal Patent Rights Over Those of a University Employer
  8. Supreme Court Will Tackle Interplay of University and Inventor Patent Rights
  9. Patents on the Fringe
  10. When Uncle Sam Wants Your Invention
  11. Where Have I Seen THAT Before? Court Says Plagiarism Detector Makes Fair Use of Students’ Copyrighted Term Papers

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