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  1. For Those Challenging a Patent’s Validity in an IPR, New Clarity on Which Arguments Can Later be Litigated in Court

  2. Two Federal Circuit Decisions Show Why Forum-Selection Clauses Require Clarity

  3. It’s Not Complicated: Make Sure the Technical Expert You Retain to Testify About Infringement Has Credentials That Match the Level of Skill Required by the Court
  4. “Everybody Makes Mistakes”- A Forgiving Approach by the Supreme Court Changes Copyright Law

  5. Artwork Created by Artificial Intelligence (AI) Not Eligible for Copyright

  6. Cyber-criminals Beware: Governmental Surveillance of Suspects Does Not Always Require a Warrant
  7. It’s Forever: R&B Group’s Trademark Contested by Rival Singers in Both TTAB and Federal Court
  8. Federal Circuit Jumps to Step Two To Rescue Authentication Patent

  9. The EU’s New Privacy Rules: The Promise and Peril for US Data Processors
  10. The Estate of Henrietta Lacks Sues Thermo Fisher Scientific

  11. A Procedural Bias Favors Patent Owners in IPRs

  12. What is a COVID-19 Vaccine Intellectual Property Waiver?

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  • Flowchart for determining when U.S. Copyrights in fixed works expire View flowchart
  • Inter Partes Review flowchart charting key dates and milestones View flowchart

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