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  1. Law Enforcement in the Cloud; The U.S. Storms in and Europe Follows
  2. Cox Communications Makes Its Mark as the First Major Cable Provider To Lose its DMCA Immunity from Copyright Infringement
  3. The New Tax Bill and Its Effect on Inventors: A Capital Result
  4. New Local Rule May Speed Up Patent Cases and Attract More Litigation to Massachusetts
  5. Patent Office Cracks Down On Repetitive Validity Challenges
  6. A Patent License Conundrum: Is the Definition of “Valid Claim” Subject to Arbitration?
  7. States Are Cracking Down on Cybersecurity Laggards
  8. Massachusetts Creates Tax Credit Program for Angel Investors
  9. Fast-Forwarding Privacy: A Video Tape Rental Statute in the Digital Era
  10. Insurance Coverage for Data Breaches: A Pig in a Poke for Retail Establishments?
  11. A User’s Guide to the EU-US Privacy Shield
  12. The EU Reveres Data Privacy, the US Puts National Security First, and US Businesses are Caught in the Middle

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